Cancer Research UK

Young people tune out charity messages. That's why skin cancer is signed up to social media. Skin Cancer on Instagram likes photos that use words related to the causes of skin cancer. This means we automatically identify those at risk and attract their attention in a totally unexpected way. A year later some Australians did something very similar and won a few awards. Good for them.

EA Sports

FIFA Real Player encourages kids to become more active by making real training affect a player’s in-game stats. Players are able to complete the training regimes of professionals, comparing themselves against their heroes as well as others around the world.

Google Loaded

Every day people across the world waste time watching videos load on YouTube. This ‘dead space’ is an opportunity to educate.


Young men are the highest at risk group for testicular cancer, but only 21% check regularly. Everyman will talk to men when they have their balls out, frequenting pornographic websites. A year after we came up with it, McCann Peru came out with something simila,. and then DDB Bolivia, and then M&C Saatchi did.


In Russia, it's illegal to teach people about homosexuality. So Snapchat’s self-destructing messages are the ideal medium for Russians to ask anonymous questions without fear of others finding out.

Risk Film

Advertising agency Mother put out a brief looking for short films on the theme of risk. So Adam took their agency address book and called them all c**ts. They loved it.

SCA Scholarship

Will won a full scholarship to the School of Communication Arts. The brief was to find a problem in your life and solve it.